The Hydropathes

The art of eating and drinking well.

Welcome to the gates of the Haut Allier

The Brivadois, Pays d'Auvergne

There is your home, your work, and the third place.

This place is the hotel Les Glycines.

The Hydropathes

A restaurant and a bar intimately linked. Imbued by the Auvergne, local products and handmade, sense in the plate, spirit in the glass.

Le club des Hydropathes » était un club littéraire à la fin du XIXème siècle bien connu pour son savoir vivre épicurien. Nous sommes des artisans qui aimons cultiver l’art de bien manger et bien boire.


Les Glycines

There is your home, your work and the third place. This place is the hotel Les Glycines. An elegant and natural place at the same time. Historically popular, it is a sincere place, which is lives all day long.

From coffee to four o'clock, from the lounges to the garden, from aperitif to digestif, enjoy the time!

Between an author's bar and a restaurant for gourmets... Go through the door, put your feet under the table and enjoy yourself.



Our rooms have a refined and natural atmosphere. You will find an open space, well-equipped and air-conditioned bathrooms. Relax, rest, breathe...

Enjoy the lounges, garden, bar and restaurant. And enjoy yourself.

The Hydropathes


Le Jardin




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